Infoshow is a win for the customer and vendor and provides a retailer competitive advantage

Bob Brunet, Senior VP Marketing and Merchandising

Infoshow has the Best Customer Stopping & Sales Conversion Power in the POP Marketplace.

New product launch, customer education & special merchandising event solution

Impulse sales solution to increase average shopping basket dollars

Turnkey merchandising with seamless buyer & scheduling solutions

Millions of new brand and retailer benefit advertising impressions

Promotion Product and category sales results +35% to +250%

Zero retailer capital or operation cost with private label solutions

Storewide category sales generation validation

(Sales results are brand POS analysis reports)

Infoshow Competitors Can't Match Our Project Management Services at Our Low $295.00 per Store Promotional Cost

Vendor selling, buyer approval & retail execution

Best in class customized digital display solutions

90% store set up compliance & promotional monitoring reports

Zero capital, operating or management cost

Client creative, inventory, planogram & distribution solutions

Video creative content & production solutions

Measurable incremental sales results +35% to $250%

Less than 10% per day cost of a product demonstration

Infoshow Delivers the Best Customer User Experience, at the Lowest Vendor Cost and Highest Retail Reliability.

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